10.1 Goal Check-in

Here I am checking in for my goals on Thursday…because I need lots of supervision!

October 2011-Week 1 Goals Check-in:

  • Read half of 365 Ways to be Cheap (that’s been on my to-do list since August):
     I have read 115/227 pages so far! I’ve found 23 of the 187 either applicable to myself (because some are regarding children or other things that I don’t deal with). I’m going to post about those in the near future ;)
  • “Revamp” my résumé:
    I scribbled up a copy of mine from this summer because I now realize that I’m not limited to one page anymore (for graduate school!).
  • Update my “LinkedIn” account:
    Haven’t started it, but I think it goes hand in hand with revising my résumé.
  • Read 2 chapters of Shortchanged:
    Haven’t started yet (was reading 365 Ways to Live Cheap)
  • Complete week 1 of Couch to 5k – Adapted – Because the 5K I would like to participate in is November 5th, I found a shor:ter training program through the Mayo Clinic that is 7 weeks vs. 9 weeks. I will start with week 2!:
    Walked 40 minutes on Monday, none on Tuesday, and 30 on Wednesday, and not yet on Thursday (today)! :)

So, I have a good bit done of some and have some work to do on others! Luckily, all of my exams for this week are over! Grade recap (general goal): 2 B’s 4 A’s. I am also now looking at graduate school in Human Resource & Leadership Development, so I am investigating that on the side. I want to go do some homework outside now (although it’s night). Fall, although it is a time of death, is my favorite time of year (inverse seasonal depression?). 

My face every time I remember I have goals.

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